Certified Car

Most major car manufactures have certified programs set up at a corporate level. They are all similar in requirements and most come with some kind of warranty. Certified cars are advertised as already being inspected and repaired. "an extra good car".

Be advised that no repairs get done on these cars without the approval of management. Sometimes depending on the cost and profits involved, managers will make a judgment call and not repair something thinking that the customer won’t notice or the mechanic is concentrating on quantity rather than the quality of the repairs. These and other reasons could lead to a certified car with problems that should have been repaired under the certified program.

An Auto Lemon Detectors inspection can detect these and other needed repairs or even safety issues before you buy, this gives you the power to negotiate and to plan for repairs in the future.

The fact is that sometimes we detect problems with a certified cars. It’s all in how good the inspection was done and what repairs were performed.

We are currently working hard on providing more information pertaining to certified vehicles. Check back with us soon.

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Car Buying Tips

The used car industry is a billion dollar a day business! This industry is attractive to the dishonest and deceitful, because of laxed regulation and enforcement. Many of the elements that make up the used car industry actually create a breeding ground for the unethical and unlawful. . .

Warranty Tips

All manufacture base warranties vary but what they all share in common is the start time and mileage limit (whichever comes first). Be advised that the warranty start date is the original date of sale (when the car was originally purchased new). . .

600 Pt. Inspection

Thinking of buying a used vehicle? Protect your family and investment by having us inspect it before you buy. (WE SAVE YOU MONEY). We understand that purchasing a vehicle is one of the biggest investments you will make and we want to help you protect it. . .