Dare To Compare

Welcome to our "Dare to Compare" page. We are not about making money, "we are about helping people" and that has been shown to be appreciated.

This is where we urge you to learn about what it takes to perform a successful pre-purchase auto inspection.

"This is what we do"

1. Alot of our business is repeat and referrals.

2. Our inspection vehicles are fully equipped with professional diagnostic test equipment including snap on super Scanners, 3 ton light weight racing. Jacks, low profile ramps and high power spot lighting housed in professional tool boxes.

3. We lift and physically get underneath all vehicles tiiat we inspect (this is where most problems are .found).

4. 4. We pull wheel (when needed) on rear drive vehicles very important especially If there is a fluid leak or saturated brake linings (without this you cannot know the extent of damage or if the car is unsafe to drive).

5. We carry and hook up computer (live data) super scanners by snap on tools regarded by most experts as the best brand tool. (not just generic code readers that do not give you live sensor readings) with today’s technology we prefer the better equipment.

6. We test drives all vehicles if they have current stickers or a dealer tag (also at high speed) not just around the parking lot.

7. Our inspector has factory training, tech school and college trained Graduate with mechanical and body repairing, troubleshooting and professional mechanic shop management experience including dot compliance for over the road trucking industry and certified since the 1980's

8. We travel to rural or farm areas or past the city limits of Austin and San Antonio and surrounding counties.

9. We inspect class a, b, and c motor homes including diesels, 4x4, high performance, classics, hot rods, high line and exotic vehicles.

10. We have our hands on the car for at least one hour and up to two hours if needed.

11. We have only had one price increase over the last 11 years due to fuel cost increases and we will meet any competitors price (for the same service)

12. We have no complaints with the BBB or legal actions against us by customers.

13. We specialize in family, vehicles, diesels 4x4’s, performance and commercial vehicles.

14. We inspect handicapped equipped vehicles.

Important to know: if the van doesn't say lemon busters?!!It's not lemon busters!!

Our inspector shows up in a van clearly identified with lemon busters name and logo on the sides, front, and back. Inspector will have dark blue lemon busters’ shirt and pants.

The bottom line is, we help you try to buy a vehicle that is not going to fall apart after you buy it .for this you need someone knowledgeable, honest and with a good reputation on your side.

We feel that people want a good value and the best quality service all packaged together. When choosing lemon busters You get more than your money's worth, even free advice over the phone by a certified automotive expert when you call in.

"The original" San Antonio, Texas based auto lemon detectors of America and lemon busters appreciates our loyal customers and invite new customers to experience our way of doing business.

Please call us anytime for free buying tips or advice.

8:00 a.m-6:00 p.m

Car Buying Tips

The used car industry is a billion dollar a day business! This industry is attractive to the dishonest and deceitful, because of laxed regulation and enforcement. Many of the elements that make up the used car industry actually create a breeding ground for the unethical and unlawful. . .

Warranty Tips

All manufacture base warranties vary but what they all share in common is the start time and mileage limit (whichever comes first). Be advised that the warranty start date is the original date of sale (when the car was originally purchased new). . .

600 Pt. Inspection

Thinking of buying a used vehicle? Protect your family and investment by having us inspect it before you buy. (WE SAVE YOU MONEY). We understand that purchasing a vehicle is one of the biggest investments you will make and we want to help you protect it. . .