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Through experience and research we know and understand that managing a fleet is very challenging. We currently assist several fleet companies in different ways to meet this challenge. Auto lemon detectors offers fleet pre-purchase inspections (inspect before you buy) for fleets that choose to purchase pre-owned equipment. We found that most small, medium, and private owned businesses go this route for many different reasons. (cost, depreciation, etc).knowing the exact condition and what repairs are needed before you purchase is extremely valuable. Our services can potentially save you thousands of dollars and help you to plan for needed repairs in the future.

!!!We are here to assist you!!!

Auto lemon detectors and lemon busters also offer "yearly fleet inspections". We understand that breakdowns and downtime is something no fleet wants to even think about.(loss of Productivity, added expense and liability hazard) are what happen when your vehicle is stranded on the side of the road. With our yearly fleet inspection you will know what safety issues, repairs or needed maintenance is needed and coming up. Our results will help you perform and plan
For these repairs!!Before it breaks down!!
We serve fleets large and small whether you have 1 or 50 units we are equipped to serve fleet customers from San Antonio to Austin and surrounding counties up to 100 mile raduis.

Thanks for the opportunity to earn your trust and business, we look forward to assisting you in maintaining a safe and good running fleet. For more information please call 210-435-3666, 512-454-5666 or 1-888-365-3666

8:00 a.m-6:00 p.m

Car Buying Tips

The used car industry is a billion dollar a day business! This industry is attractive to the dishonest and deceitful, because of laxed regulation and enforcement. Many of the elements that make up the used car industry actually create a breeding ground for the unethical and unlawful. . .

Warranty Tips

All manufacture base warranties vary but what they all share in common is the start time and mileage limit (whichever comes first). Be advised that the warranty start date is the original date of sale (when the car was originally purchased new). . .

600 Pt. Inspection

Thinking of buying a used vehicle? Protect your family and investment by having us inspect it before you buy. (WE SAVE YOU MONEY). We understand that purchasing a vehicle is one of the biggest investments you will make and we want to help you protect it. . .