Sour Dealer

Occasionally we receive a call from a customer that has seen and is interested in a vehicle on a car lot but when they mention hiring our company for inspection the dealer will discourage or not let an independent inspector see the car. This is a "RED FLAG". These dealers (very few and usually mom and pop operations) will come up with all kinds of reasons why they do not allow inspections on their lot and usually promise that the car is perfect. Some dealers buy salvage. Recondition, flood, and fire. Crash test, lemon buy back and wrecked vehicles and sometimes pieced together cosmetically and in a lot of cases not disclosing it to the customer. Our inspection would have revealed that and other needed repairs and or safety related issues. We and all reputable dealers in town see it like this."If you don’t have anything to hide then what do you have to lose"? Rather. You can gain a sale, customer loyalty, repeat business and referral Work. Dealers have everything to gain. Including a good report with us smart dealers which include all major dealers and smaller well run and managed car lots actually refer us to their customers because they know they try to get good cars and they know that our results are accurate.

The following dealers in San Antonio currently do not allow independent inspection units on their lots for whatever reasons and by posting their names on this web site does not imply that they are bad dealers.

USA MOTORS Wetmore / Thousand Oaks

MUSA MOTORS 410 / Marbach



C.E.LITTLEFIELD Military / Roosevelt

CARMAX /San Antonio and Austin locations

8:00 a.m-6:00 p.m

Car Buying Tips

The used car industry is a billion dollar a day business! This industry is attractive to the dishonest and deceitful, because of laxed regulation and enforcement. Many of the elements that make up the used car industry actually create a breeding ground for the unethical and unlawful. . .

Warranty Tips

All manufacture base warranties vary but what they all share in common is the start time and mileage limit (whichever comes first). Be advised that the warranty start date is the original date of sale (when the car was originally purchased new). . .

600 Pt. Inspection

Thinking of buying a used vehicle? Protect your family and investment by having us inspect it before you buy. (WE SAVE YOU MONEY). We understand that purchasing a vehicle is one of the biggest investments you will make and we want to help you protect it. . .